House and Garden 7-02-2001
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6936 Bruno

My 3,000 sq. ft. urban garden which covers my entire 50x60 backyard has come along nicely. There are now approximately 2,000 plants in various stages of maturity. My goal is to prove that a city dweller with a family of 4-6 persons can raise most of his food, eliminating the need for most government foodstamp subsidies.

Let's look at the plants so far:

GARDE001.jpg 58Kb  

I guess we will start with a single view from the back porch. Got to start somewhere, right? 

So.... In the foreground are 100 potato eyes, 15 tomato plants, 2 brussel sprouts, 2 peppers, 16 okra, 40 blue lake green beans. The round spot in the back is a pond which has attracted blue dragon flies.

  GARDE003.jpg 59Kb GARDE004.jpg 59Kb GARDE005.jpg 59Kb GARDE006.jpg 59Kb

Here you see lots of vegetable plants--e.g., corn, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, beans of all sorts, squash-pumpkin-muskmelon-watermelon plants, lettuce, broccoli, caulflower, cabbage, kohlradi, and lots more. That's a pond, true. With dragonflies. Those are picklebush starting up in front, cucumbers on the left side, and peanuts behind. Beans on the far left with corn-sqash-bean in the "three sisters" combo whereby beans vine up the corn and the squash below shade the roots.

  GARDE007.jpg 58Kb GARDE008.jpg 59Kb GARDE009.jpg 57Kb GARDE010.jpg 58Kb

That lettuce is sweet and over a foot high. Mmmmm. Everything is coming along nicely. The garden is about 4-7 weeks old depending on the row. There's hundreds of pounds of veggies coming up out there.

  GARDE011.jpg 59Kb GARDE012.jpg 58Kb GARDE013.jpg 44Kb GARDE014.jpg 58Kb

Yep. That IS a jeweled garage door. How decadent! Wow.

  GARDE017.jpg 58Kb GARDE018.jpg 59Kb GARDE019.jpg 32Kb GARDE020.jpg 57Kb

If you must know, those tropical plants are cannas with banana trees.
Yep. If you look close, you will see a plastic skeleton in the chair on the porch.
Why? To keep little kids off it. That's why! And Holy Rollers. Haha.

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